Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Auld Lang Syne

What the heck does it mean? Well, it means "days gone by" or "long long ago" or "times gone by"....however you translate it, it's appropriate to be the song we sing to bid farewell to the days that made up the past year. And in this case, the past decade! I can't believe we're heading into double digits of the two thousands!

What a year - I'm sure we've all had a lot of change, some good, some bad. I like to focus on the good and try to learn from the not-so-good. I really enjoy reflecting back over the year on New Year's Eve. There were many years I spent it alone and it was a sacred time for me that I really enjoyed. I would look over my journal from the previous year and begin my new one for the next year, writing down all my goals for the coming year on the first page. It's such a great time to take inventory of your life, of who you are as a person, where you are now and where you want to be.

What did you accomplish this year? How have you or your life changed this year? What do you want next year to look like? It's always very powerful to write down your goals, dreams and desires. It sends the energy of that goal out into the Universe like an order in a restaurant - as soon as you write it down, the Universe goes to work to fulfill it for you. But if you doubt that it is being taken care of for you (imagine running to the kitchen every five minutes to see if they are preparing your order correctly...or if they have even begun at all) you're interrupting and disrupting the energy flow toward your goal and therefore delaying it's arrival.

Write it down, let it go, and get excited about receiving whatever you have asked for! Prepare yourself and your life to receive it. Live in full expectation that it is on its way to you right now and don't get discouraged if it takes longer than you think it should. Sometimes your meal takes longer to prepare in the kitchen of life :)

And if your goals and desires change during the year, which they inevitably will to some degree, just write a new order - tweak it and send it off again. The Universe is ready and eager to serve you to make your dreams a reality!

Expect great things to happen for you! Imagine looking back on 2010 this time next year and think of how happy and fulfilled you feel knowing that you created the life of your dreams!

I'd like to share some tools that I use daily that will keep your expectations high and your belief system strong throughout the year - - Personalized notes from the Universe delivered to your inbox every day with reminders of your magnificence and that It is there to support you in whatever you want to create. - Daily messages about the Law of Attraction and how to access this amazing power. - Words of wisdom in simple messages from the amazing Ram Dass to remind us of our divinity and the basic simplicity of life. - A wealth of great information, books, events, blog and daily inspiration from one of my very favorite inspirational teachers! or - Daily messages of inspiration and hope with many beautiful stories on their websites to restore your belief if it is faltering. - Louise Hay's online radio station with a constant stream of inspirational teachers, speakers and authors. Great to have on your computer throughout the day while working to feed your mind with constant positive, uplifting information! - Inspirational and motivational messages from Bob Proctor to remind you of the health, happiness and abundant life you were meant to live.

And lastly - the Living Peacefully in a Big City Facebook fanpage, accessible just to the right of this blog or
I post daily messages during the week that range from the practical to the spiritual as a little bit of support and inspiration to help you find balance, reduce your stress and create more happiness throughout your day.

I wish you all the best in 2010! Many blessings of health, happiness, success, fulfillment, abundance and of course, peace to you, every day of the New Year!
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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

“It’s That Time of Year…

...when the world falls in love..." as "The Christmas Waltz" croons...
Oh I love Christmas! For years when we'd get to June I would dance around and say to my Daddy, "We're half way to Christmas!!" To which he would reply with a groan.

Regardless of your religious beliefs or affiliations, this year is emotionally charged for everyone. (And for those of you not celebrating Christmas, please bear with me as I expound on my love for this holiday)

Although I am partial to hot weather, I do get into the cold this time of year and bundle up with scarves, sweaters and coats. I am not ashamed to admit I have a Snuggie and it is quite warm!
Hot chocolate and spiced cider are a regular part of my diet this time of year. I remember in my early twenties I lived on eggnog and Chex Mix during the holidays. Yikes. A new recent discovery is Pumpkin Spice Eggnog - OMG if you haven't tried it you must experience it - It is nothing short of heaven!

I start listening to Christmas carols mid-November and pretty much nothing else until January. The decorations go up immediately after Thanksgiving. I just love all the decorations everywhere - the mall, street posts, stores big and small, the neighborhoods that go crazy - it's all so beautiful!

And Disneyland....oh my...if you can get there this time of year it is absolutely magical. The decorations, the music, the fireworks and snow on Main street, the amazing holiday light display on It's A Small World and the unique show that is projected on to it...I can say is WOW! You have to see it to appreciate it but at the very least check it out here:
My husband and I go every year at this time. We were engaged there by the wishing well at Christmastime - it doesn't get any better than that for me!

But perhaps some of you are not feeling the love this time of year. We can get overwhelmed with all there is to do with the deadline of Christmas to get it all done. We have to make lists, figure out what to buy family and friends, possibly buy a secret Santa gift for the office party, go shopping, wrap the gifts, get Christmas cards written and in the mail, bake cookies, attend holiday parties and functions...although it's a fun time of year, it can leave us feeling completely exhausted and spent, emotionally and financially.

We often don't give much thought to the real meaning behind this holiday - I try to remind myself of that somewhat cliche saying, "Jesus is the reason for the season". It's a little cheesy but it does put things back into perspective for me. We have had so many traditions piled on to this holiday and I love them all, but when you think about it, most of it really has nothing to do with the event that inspired this holiday. I think most of us are aware that this time of year was chosen centuries ago to celebrate this event and that most of the ensuing traditions have come from pagan winter celebrations and customs originating from other countries and cultures that have melted and evolved into this big, beautiful, pot that we know today as Christmas.

Religious issues aside, I find that taking time to remember what made it so special and exciting when I was little helps me to get back into the spirit when get overwhelmed with all the stuff to do this time of year. Of course we were all excited about the gifts we would receive and the impending visit from Santa, but let me remind you of some of the childhood holiday staples that are still available to us.

A huge part of Christmas for me has always been any Rankin-Bass holiday special. Even though we can own them on DVD now (and most of us do) there is nothing quite like turning on the TV and unexpectedly coming across "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer", "Frosty the Snowman", "The Year Without a Santa Claus" or "Santa Claus is Coming to Town". We all know and love the songs - "Silver and Gold", "Put One Foot in Front of the Other", and my favorite, "The Heat/Snow Miser Song" which is covered brilliantly by my friends Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. And how cool is it that huge movie stars participated in these children's' specials? Fred Astaire, Mickey Rooney, Jimmy Durante and Burl Ives all voiced characters in these specials.

And of course..."A Charlie Brown Christmas" and the music! Linus does a lovely job of reminding everyone about the real meaning of the season. Nuf said.

Another way to enjoy the season and get out of your head is to help others who are not as fortunate as you are. There are plenty of opportunities this time of year to give of yourself - your time, money, food, clothing, energy - whatever feels good to you. It will make you feel the joy and love that are really what it's all about.

And most of all, it is especially important this time of year to make time to take care of yourself, whatever that means for you. Make time to sit for a few minutes every day and do nothing. Have some eggnog or cider (or rum or Bailey's...whatever ;) and really enjoy it. Spend a few moments enjoying your tree and decorations. Just breathe. Everything will get done. And if it doesn't, so what? A few minutes to regain your sanity will not jeopardize your schedule.

I love the story of "A Christmas Carol" - I think we can all relate to Ebenezer Scrooge and his amazing, positive transformation overnight. It reminds us that we can make a major change at any time and that we are capable of keeping the spirit of Christmas in our hearts all year long. Just know that anything is possible for you if you love yourself and others.

I will leave mention of my all-time favorite movie, holiday and beyond, "It's A Wonderful Life" for my next post. Until then...

Enjoy your holiday!
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Friday, November 20, 2009

Giving Thanks...

It's been a while since I blogged...but after an experience like a weekend with Wayne Dyer, a little time to digest all that great information and inspiration was in order. Now I am ready to blog about giving thanks.

Can you believe it's almost Thanksgiving? This time of year always seems too fly. When September is over, I feel like it's Christmas seems to go that fast. And I hate to admit that I am already listening to Christmas music.

Halloween was fun, although the annual party my husband and I go to was on the weekend I was in Maui unfortunately, so we spent Halloween night with my mom to help her hand out candy to the kids...none of which ever showed up. Which means that I had to eat the candy myself...good thing I bought something I like ;)

Now November is upon us and the weather is turning cold. (For many native Californians, mildly cold weather feels freezing...anything under 70 degrees sends some of us in search of a warm coat). Although I love the heat, I have embraced the fall and am enjoying my coats, boots and scarves once again. Time for hot chocolate and eggnog!

I wonder how many people actually do take the time to think about what they are thankful for this time of year. We have so many blessings that we take for the fact that we are alive and breathing, most of us have nice homes, clothes to wear, plenty to eat, a car to drive , some money in the bank...but often we complain about the quality or condition of these blessings or we complain about what we do not have.

We are most blessed by the people in our lives. It doesn't matter who it is that you love and appreciate, just as long as you realize how fortunate you are to have these loved ones in your life. Wayne Dyer once said, "Friends are nature's way of apologizing for your family". If this is the case for you, treasure your extended family of friends and tell them how much they mean to you.

I just watched "The Wizard of Oz" last weekend for the first time in years (since that whole thing about watching the movie with Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" about 12 years ago). One of the lines really hit me like it never had before - when the Wizard gives the Tin Man his long-awaited heart he tells him, "A heart is not judged by how much you love, but by how much you are loved by others." How true.

Give some thought to what and who are you are thankful for this year. Tell the people you love what they mean to you and how much you appreciate them. Love and appreciate yourself. And have a very happy Thanksgiving!
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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mahalo Nui Loa!

What an amazing weekend with Dr. Wayne Dyer in Maui! I have so much to share from all the wisdom and inspiration I absorbed!

The weekend started on Friday night with a short, welcome session with Dr. Dyer who was working through the flu...our hearts went out to him. But he kept on, seeing himself well and finishing the weekend full of love and energy. He was off to a good start.

There were about 450 of us there - a crowd of mostly over-40ish, into their 50's and beyond and all eager to begin this wonderful experience together. Dr. Dyer began the evening by informing us that "life is a sexually transmitted disease"....he can be pretty damn funny! He talked about the journey from ambition to meaning and about the obstacles and excuses we use to keep us from getting where we want to be in life.

He talked about the Tao - his main source of inspiration - and advised us to "let yourself be done - let the Tao live through you. You do nothing in and of yourself", giving us the task of measuring our fingernails tonight and then tomorrow morning and asking what action we had to take to make them grow. None. It is the Tao - it is God - it is Life that does the work. We can get so much more done when we learn to do less.

Everything we need for this physical journey is handled for us by a higher source, as demonstrated by the first nine months of our physical existence. Everything we need to fulfill our dharma is provided by Source - just allow it to live you. I love that idea.

He talked of ambition and how the ego is Edging God Out. This false self is the source of all of our problems. He urged us to "become independent of the good opinion of other people and detach yourself from outcome - just allow yourself to be. Do what you feel because those that matter don't mind and those that mind don't matter" I love that one!

Ram Das came to speak to us on Saturday - what an honor! He told us to "love everyone" and to repeat to ourselves, "I am loving awareness". We have love, compassion, peace and joy in each muscle. Find peace within and radiate out.

Then Dr. Dyer gave us all the "sugar talk"...dum, Dum, DUM!! We all eat way too much sugar and to demonstrate the principles in his recent book, Excuses Begone! , he cut his daily sugar portion down to 25mg or less and consequently dropped 23 pounds in 29 days! I think this really inspired the room - there were many commitments made by Sunday to drastically reduce sugar intake in the future. Perhaps some will come back to next year's seminar with smaller waists. This registered with me - I tapped to reduce my sugar cravings recently but they are still there, especially this time of the explanation necessary there, I'm sure. But since that talk, I have had very little sugar craving. And today is the day I would have gone to the store for a jar of Nutella or to See's candy for a few Bordeauxs. desire!

I spoke to many other people attending the seminar and found many energy healers who, like myself, were sending healing energy to Dr. Dyer throughout the weekend to help him recover more quickly from his ailments. He seemed to feel better and have more energy by the close of this event Sunday evening.

I could go on and on with all the amazing information and notes I took but the overall message was to find your passion, align yourself with source energy, love yourself and others, get rid of your excuses, be of service to others, see yourself where you want to be in life and believe that you are already there - "assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled!"

I hope this brief glimpse into the weekend gave you a few ideas to ponder. I could never fully express in a blog the impact of this experience.. If you are a fan of Wayne Dyer, I encourage you to check out his books, CDs, movie, "The Shift", talks and even consider attending this weekend seminar, if it happens again next year. What an amazing man - I admire him more than words can say. God bless Wayne Dyer and also all of you!
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Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy New Week!

OMG has it been that long since I blogged?? Oh gets in the way sometimes.

Mom has been in the emergency room twice in the last few weeks for shortness of breath. It is so much more pleasant in the ER when you come prepared with a book, a sweater and a snack for what is usually at least a 5 or 6 hour event. They did discover she has congestive heart failure and consequently added more meds to her already huge personal pharmacy. Now she will be cursing me further for limiting the sodium in her diet (I already monitor her sugar intake for diabetes). But the good news is, after conducting every test imaginable for her heart and lungs, she is in pretty good shape, considering all of her currently existing conditions including early stage Alzheimer's. But she's home and doing well so I am happy!

It was a great week of female bonding last week. Had a Women's Empowerment meeting, Professional Women's Toastmasters meeting and girls night with some of my girlfriends on Friday night at Universal Citywalk! I haven't been there in years - we had a great time at dinner and walking around. My girlfriend time is so very important to me!

This week is mostly about preparing for my seminar next weekend with Dr. Wayne Dyer in Maui! Although we will be in the seminar most of the day on Saturday and Sunday, I still need a pedicure, a wax, hair color touch-up and lash fill...just an excuse to do all this at once! Oh I cannot wait to walk around Lahaina and buy more pairs of my favorite Island Slipper shoes, have dinner at Roy's (even though we have them here in California's just not the same as being at Roy's in Hawaii), and enjoy at least one lava flow by the pool. I wish I had more time to relax and enjoy the island but it's a long weekend specifically for this seminar and I am looking forward to basking in the love and wisdom of Dr. Dyer. I will blog about it when I get back next week.

This is going to be a great week! Please enjoy yourself and expect the best of everything!
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Friday, October 2, 2009


As I've said before, I love Fridays!! A week of accomplishments and service behind us, we can take some well-deserved and very necessary time to relax. Whether your weekend actually falls on a Saturday and Sunday or if your days off are sporadic and scattered throughout the week, it is most important to take some time to recharge your batteries - whatever that means for you.

Whatever activity (or inactivity), people, places or things feed your soul and fulfill you on a deep, core level is what your body and mind are craving. I love to sleep in on the weekends and then meditate and read some inspirational material. Right now I am re-reading Excuses Begone! by Dr. Wayne Dyer. Once I have my mind in a positive state, expecting everything I am affirming and visualizing for my life to manifest for me, that it is unquestionably on its way...then I lose myself in a good story just for the enjoyment of it. I love to read...lounging in my hammock in the backyard or reclining on the balcony always replenishes my whole being. I'm so glad that my husband insists that I take a break from all of the holistic, self-improvement, spiritual, personal empowerment reading, teleconferences and webinars that constantly occupy every free moment of my waking hours during the week in between working with others and taking care of my mom - I must constantly be working on myself to be the best I can be and of the highest level of service to everyone I work with, right? But - I must also follow my own advice and disconnect and go within to recharge my own batteries. No computer, no cell phone (don't own a Crackberry and never will...) no studying or researching - just taking time to simply be....and to breathe. Aaahhhh....take a breath right now yourself...doesn't that feel good? Just breathe and be for a minute.

After a week of busy-ness, which for me this week included a trip to the ER with my mother after a doctor appointment for shortness of breath - diagnosis: congestive heart failure. Prescription: diuretics to relieve fluid around her heart. Result: she is feeling much better and I am feeling relieved. It can be just as emotionally as it is physically draining to be a caretaker. But my mom and I laugh and have fun most of the time when we're not doing the usual mother-daughter button-pushing. That's to be expected but I am very fortunate that I have a wonderful mother who appreciates me and who does everything in her power to take care of me in return, in whatever way she is able to. Usually paying for me to get a massage once in a while or playing with my hair while we watch TV - she is an expert at this and my brother also loves to plop his head down in mom's lap for her expert pencil-massage thing that she has always done since we were little. It's almost better than the spa sometimes! There is nothing like a mother's touch and the hint of Heaven Sent perfume that has been her signature scent my whole life. If I can make her life better, keep her happy, healthy and comfortable living in her own home for the rest of her life as I promised my father I would do, then I am happy and proud to have this job as her caretaker.

But now, it is my time to go with my husband for our golden weekend time together to recharge my batteries with a good book on the balcony tomorrow morning :)

Have a great weekend!

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Monday, September 21, 2009

First Day of Fall

Summer is over...:( But it's still HOT thank goodness! I LOVE the heat! But I will get into the cozy, bundling-up of cold weather when it comes around.

I went to see Wayne Dyer at the Santa Monica Civic yesterday - what an inspiration! Such an amazing man with so much incredible wisdom to share...and in a humorous way! I've never heard him swear before so that was pretty funny! His daughter, Skye was there and sang a couple of songs, one of which was "The Leader of the Band" to her father. Oh my, I was fighting back tears...I get teary just thinking about it. Wayne was crying too. She has a really beautiful voice.

Wayne talked about coming from Love (your Higher Self, God, Divine Spirit, etc) instead of your ego, (Edging God Out) at all times in every area of our lives and how we can create anything when we do this. It's not always easy but worth the continual effort. I think we all left there feeling like we could create whatever we want in our lives. I'm very excited to attend his weekend seminar in Maui next month - I'm sure I'll have amazing stuff to blog about when I get home!

Like last week, this week is packed with appointments, opportunities to be of service, more seminars, classes, teleconferences and webinars to continually inspire and educate myself so I can live my best life and pass that information on to others...I love it!

I hope you all have a wonderful, inspired week and live from your Higher Self in all that you do!
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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Beach and Interviews and Anniversary, oh my!

What a week! It's been a good those three day weekends that result in a four day work week!

OK I have to say that the miracle remedy of all time is the apple cider vinegar, raw honey and cayenne pepper with hot water drink....three times a day every day over the weekend and down to once a day now but WOW - that just loosens everything up and really gets your system going! I think I'll keep it on as a regular part of my daily routine.

Mom is better this week and has been in a surprisingly good mood lately - yay! We had a busy day yesterday of doctor's appointments, filling out paperwork and prescriptions but it got her out and about!

My best friend Marlene is in between jobs right now (an intentional break to travel the world and explore her options, all positive with nothing but great expectations for a fabulous new job in the near future!) so we decided to have a beach day like we did back in high school. I have not done this for at least ten years...I can't even remember the last time. So we went to the beach near Zuma that we have been going to since the 80's and just enjoyed the beautiful day of sun, sand and dolphins swimming by! It was also nice as a recuperative time for me to relax and soak in more that heat!

I had another great interview that aired this morning on B101.5 in Washington DC on the Chris & Dee Morning show. I got up at 5:00am to hear it but I must have missed it...I gave up at 5:25 and went back to bed and had a dream about finding two adorable little puppies sitting on my father's grave (he was cremated and scattered in different places so he doesn't actually have one) and it tore my heart out so I took them home. Some woman was berating me for not going to the pound to get puppies and I wore myself out trying to explain to her there is no difference - they were homeless and would have ended up in the shelter anyway so just cutting out the middleman...but she was persistent and really wearing on my nerves. Very tiring and weird. But oh, I was so in love with those little puppies! I was trying to name them when I woke up.

And today is my anniversary with my husband! Well, one of them -we have so many it can be very confusing....we met 20 years ago at work so we've been friends that long...I fell in love with him 13 years ago...we were finally together 12 years ago...broke up for three years and got back together on this day five years ago....we got married in May of we have a cumulative eight years together and we still celebrate this day that we reunited as an important anniversary. Going to dinner tonight where we got married and then off to Palm Springs this weekend for our annual anniversary trip. We are sickeningly sentimental and romantic and I love it! He is so perfect for me - the man of my dreams, the mate of my soul, the wind beneath my wings, my biggest cheerleader and supporter...ahhh I just love him!

Tomorrow I get to spend the day with my beautiful niece and surrogate daughter, Laurel before she goes back to college at UC Davis. I am so proud of her! We will have our usual lunch at Red Lobster with cheddar bay biscuits...yum!

Oh and the sugar update for the week...I did have a treat on Monday when my monthly visitor came early with cramps...I sent my husband out for my favorite So Delicious cookie dough coconut milk ice cream and my favorite gluten free vanilla cupcakes from Whole Foods...YUM! But that was it - after that I had no more desire for sugar and I feel great! So looks like it will be one day a month for a sugar splurge. That EFT is amazing stuff!

Off for my busy day until my romantic anniversary dinner tonight! Have a great weekend!
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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Congestion, ACV, Emotions, EFT...

Happy Labor Day weekend!

OK I rarely get sick anymore these days, but when I do I really study it to find out how and why I got sick so I can use that information for myself and for clients as future preventative tools. So let's look at my journey this week into horrible chest congestion...

Monday I had a great time doing an interview on Hi-Frequency Living with Eddie and Friends (which is available for replay at - scroll down to the August 31st show and enjoy!). When I got home I had a slight sore throat - no big deal, I took a few droppersful of Sovereign Silver which usually gets rid of any illness quickly.

Tuesday sore throat still noticeable but not as bad. More droppers of Silver. My mom and I continue to battle over the thermostat - she likes it subzero freezing and I LOVE the heat and warmth. So I end up freezing most of the day while I work. Sore throat worsens by the end of the day.

Wednesday sore throat is worse, but I have a busy day and once I get out and into the heat and am busy, I feel better. I have now closed the vents in the rooms I spend most of my time in as tightly as they will go and spend most of my time in those rooms to avoid the cold. I can tell mom is getting mad and close to one of her emotional meltdowns because I have had a busy day and now choosing to stay in warmer rooms and not spending much quality time with her. Stress ensues.

Thursday I feel a lot better, almost back to normal as I drive to Ventura to have lunch with an old friend but have to cut our visit short to rush back home for an afternoon interview call. The call never comes. Mom is still acting on the verge of angry, bored, frustrated, meltdown. I spend time with her in the evening (after Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune have ended) and we watch "That's Entertainment" while the end of the couch I sit on is right under the air conditioning vent so I am bundled up in a fleece blanket. Mom is happy which alleviates my stress a bit but I am freezing.

Friday I wake up with horrible chest congestion, again retreating to the warmer rooms in the house. I want to go to my hammock outside which is my refuge and my favorite place of complete peace and rest but the air is so bad from the fires all week, I decide against it since I'm having lung problems as it is. I take my remedy of apple cider vinegar, raw honey and cayenne pepper with some hot water and I feel it loosen things up. Then on to a steam shower where I sit under the stream of water as hot as I can get it and breathe in the steam. I am feeling run down and cancel my appointments for the day but make an appointment with my acupuncturist which is where I go when an illness has progressed too quickly for me to handle alone. That makes me feel a bit better and loosens up my chest so the painful coughing and expelling process begins. Sorry, I know, gross...
More apple cider vinegar concoction several times that day until my husband comes to pick me up for the weekend. Yay! We both love the heat so I will have a weekend of warmer temperatures and air conditioning only to cool down occasionally. More ACV drink and Chin Chin for dinner with a rented movie - our Friday night routine. I actually slept really well considering the painful coughing in the evening.

Today I woke up still congested...more ACV drink, another steam shower, more expelling and by golly, I am almost back to normal! But here is the emotional part of the equation...

A sore throat represents several things - angry words or not feeling able to express yourself. Makes word...Mom.
Chest congestion/lungs can mean not fully breathing in life - again, makes sense as I felt trapped as to what to do about my mom's emotions (and the thermostat) while attempting to still live my life and take care of myself.

Fortunately, the Tapping Summit for Emotional Freedom Technique started on Thursday and goes on for nine days so I am getting much assistance in expanding my EFT tools and using it on myself to clear up these issues. Good news on that front - I used it last weekend to get over my chronic sugar addiction and it worked! I was astonished, even though I have been doing EFT for several years and I know how powerful it can be, still - my sugar cravings can be monumental. I have had no cravings all week and I have lost 3 pounds! We'll see how this week goes as it will be PMS time...

So my point of sharing all of this is to remind you, in addition to taking good care of yourself on a physical level every day, pay attention to the emotions going on in your life and the things that are affecting you in a negative way and find ways to dissipate them before they turn into an illness or any other problem. I'm telling you, EFT is the way to go to eliminate negative emotions, thoughts, beliefs, physical's nothing short of amazing.

Have a happy, healthy holiday weekend!
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Monday, August 31, 2009

Radio Interview on Tonight!

Happy Monday!

I am so excited about my interview tonight on Hi-Frequency Living with Eddie and Friends on at 8:00pm PST! My friend Eddie is one of the most amazing people I have ever met and he has helped me develop as a person, an author and a healer since I met him some eight years ago.

In the meantime, so much to do today before then! Mom is feeling better but has no energy and is "unsteady" as she is every day....I have got to get her out doing some kind of volunteer work or social interaction. She doesn't want to do much and is not into meeting new people so it can be a challenge because then she looks to me as her main source of companionship, conversation,'s a challenge to develop a new career when you have those expectations on you every day. But I love her and I do what I can while still making sure she maintains some level of independence. If anyone has any suggestions for her, I would greatly appreciate the input!

So this weekend I finally decided to use EFT on myself to work on my sugar addiction. I have been working with others to help them get over their issues for almost two years with EFT, but not always on myself. I'll be honest, up until now I have had no desire whatsoever to dissolve that addiction. I know, it's terrible coming from a Holistic Consultant who is supposed to be a prime example of great health...which I am...but I love my sugar! Well not any more actually because the treatment really worked well. My usual, daily thoughts about sugar are, "Oh that sounds really good! Yum! I'm really looking forward to that treat" Eating sugar is fun and makes me happy!" Those thoughts are no longer in my consciousness...we'll see if I need to do more tapping when PMS kicks in. But it feels good not to be craving some kind of sugar every day or needing a sweet dessert after every meal!

Being willing to let go of something you want to get rid of is a huge part of actually making the change. A lot of people don't really want to get over an issue or let go of chronic problems. There is usually some underlying emotional satisfaction and often, a payoff from staying stuck in an unhealthy pattern. I know, sounds weird but a lot of people get attention when there is an issue and if there were no issue, they would not be getting what they need. We need to change the underlying belief to a healthier way of getting what we need. It really feels better in the long run! For example -

I was diagnosed with lupus when I was 15. I was so sick and developed very bad arthritis in my entire body which made it difficult to do just about everything. It gradually got a little better over the years and the severity would fluctuate depending on the weather or my stress levels. But every once in a while I would wake up and be so fatigued I just needed to rest. This didn't happen too often but I used to think, "If I didn't have the lupus to blame my fatigue on, I would look like a lazy slob staying in bed and resting all day!" It was a terrible cycle that I often felt very guilty about, even though it was a genuine problem. But I knew, as I studied more and more about alternative health and healing and the power of the mind, that if I was willing to let go of this illness that it would go away. We create everything in our bodies (and in our lives) so in the words of Louise Hay, "When you change your thoughts you change your life." And Dr. Wayne Dyer puts it like this, "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." There was definitely some mental and emotional clearing work to do here, too.

So in addition to the mental work, I continued to try all kinds of different natural remedies over the years just to improve my heath in general. When I was studying for my Holistic Health Practitoner certification, I discovered so many new therapies and I tried everything that sounded interesting and effective. And one day, I felt something shift in me and I thought, "I don't think I have lupus anymore. I don't want it - I'm willing to release the need for it as an excuse for when I need to rest. Everyone needs to rest and it is OK for me to take time for myself whenever I feel I need to do that." So I went to my doctor and asked her to run some tests to verify this and lo and behold, all my levels were normal and I no longer had lupus! I was overjoyed and felt such a sense of relief and accomplishment! And I actually felt healthier and more energetic that I had in years. It was a great psychological and physical shift that was necessary and so worth it. I rarely get fatigued these days but if I do, I rest and I don't feel guilty about it.

If you have something you would like to change - stop smoking, create better eating habits, release old resentments and anger, whatever your issue - make a decision that you want to release it and take whatever action you are lead to in order to make it happen. EFT is a very powerful tool that can assist you in doing this as well. I use this with my clients and you can also learn more about this at Good stuff!

To a happy Monday, a fun interview, a healthy mom and releasing issues!
Living Peacefully in a Big City: A Guide to Maintaining Your Sanity, Health and Happiness now available at!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

What a week!

Although this week has had it's challenges, I still look back and feel really good about it!

It started off with an Alzheimer's evaluation for my mom on Monday - 4 1/2 hours - with really wonderful, compassionate people. It was very pleasant considering how long it was. Thank goodness we had nuts for mom to munch on (she's diabetic). She held up really well.

After receiving a prescription for Alzheimer's medication, we made the long trek to another building (it's long when Mom walks very slowly) to the pharmacy, waited in line to put in the prescription, waited a half hour until her name was called, waited again in the line to pick up the prescriptions, only to be told when we got to the window that the medication was not available and had to be ordered - we would have to come back tomorrow to pick it up. OK no big onward...

Back to the other building where the physical therapy department is to pick up the cane they have prescribed for Mom since her gait is not so steady and she gave the new cane she already had to a friend who is having hip problems...sometimes Mom is generous to a fault and to the detriment of her own well-being. So it's late in the day and we are walk-ins - they announce that someone needs assistance with a cane. No one comes up. Another 10 minutes, the nice lady behind the desk announces once again we are there needing help, then she has to leave for the day. We wait another 10 minutes just in case anyone decides to come out and help us but our hunger and weariness from a long day get the better of us and we make the long trek (again...slow walking) back to the car and head over to Marie Callendar's for a meal at 6:30pm. Of course, we both deserve a piece of pie as a reward for the very long day we have just had - thank goodness MC has sugar-free pies for Mom!

Whew - that was only Monday!

Tuesday I had lunch with my best friend and world traveler, Marlene. She just returned from seven weeks touring Italy and Spain, then took off on a ten day road trip to Portland. So we finally have time to catch up and have some girl talk. She came with me to keep me company on my trip back to the pharmacy to get Mom's new medication, which I had Mom take immediately when we got home - I want to see the effects of this new drug ASAP - hopefully she will have some memory improvement. However, one of the side effects can be nausea if not taken with food, so I gave her a snack and it seemed to be fine. Until...

Wednesday at 3:30am...Mom is calling to me because she is terribly ill - cold sweats, dizzy, vomiting, other stuff I won't mention...I am up with her until about 5:30 when she finally goes to sleep. She had eaten a 3 day old chicken sandwich for dinner the night before so along with the new medication, it was not good. She was so sick all day - couldn't keep anything down, feeling like she was going to die (which is scary for an 81-year-old, and her daughter...) I had clients in the afternoon but I rushed home to take care of her and skipped my mid-weekly church service last night. And thank God, she is finally feeling better today - very weak and 3 pounds lighter to her delight, but much better - whew!

I'm still watching over her today while I do laundry and run to the market to get some food to soothe her tender tummy but so relieved that she is finally on the road to recovery.

Can't wait until tomorrow - I love Fridays! As long as Mom is feeling good enough to be on her own then I'll have a weekend of quality time with my husband. Life is good!

Wishing you all health, wealth and a happy weekend!
Living Peacefully in a Big City: A Guide to Maintaining Your Sanity, Health and Happiness now available at!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ch Ch Ch Changes.....

Today we gave our 100 year old piano that has been in our family for over 50 years to a good friend who wanted a piano for his young kids.

It's been dear, sweet mother is a depression-era packrat who does not like to throw anything away...I mean anything. I recently cleaned out her kitchen and back porch while she was out of town for a few days with friends. Batteries that expired in 1992...cake mixes from the 70's...drink mixes from the 60's...Tylenol that expired in get the idea. Nothing that we needed or that would ever be used.

Clutter is so detrimental to any environment - it literally clutters your thinking and since my mother has some significant memory loss, I need her space to be as uncluttered as it can possibly be, which doesn't allow me to eliminate very much, considering she is very attached to her clutter. I just try to make it as functional and comfortable for her as possible, while still keeping some sense of order with the stuff that is still here.

I have been talking to our piano every night since I knew it would be going to a new home. I know, it sounds crazy, but I tend to see many of my inanimate objects as having a spirit, a life of their own. This piano has been in this house my entire life. It is a beautifully carved upright. My grandmother used to play it once in a while for us. She actually used to play piano in the theaters for silent movies! (She would have been 111 years old this year) It is totally out of tune but you can still play it just for the enjoyment of it. I haven't played it in years but I did play quite a bit when I was younger. These days it has become a home for all of our family photos and any other random photos, Christmas cards, postcards and random papers that my mom decides she wants to keep but has no where to store them. So I told the piano how much I love it and I will always love it, and that it is going to a new home and starting over with a new, young family who will love it just as much as we have. Sure enough, my friend called when the piano was delivered to his house and he and his wife love it and his kids have been playing it all afternoon. That makes me so happy.

I cried a bit when the piano movers loaded it into their truck and I told it goodbye one last time. Now we have a big empty wall in the living room but I feel like I can finally breathe with the extra space. We're going to get a nice, simple bookshelf for the space and we'll hang our family photos on the wall that hasn't seen the light of day since the 1950's. It's is more open to cleaning things out and getting rid of some of the useless clutter. Because there is a difference, you know, between the useless and the "we might need that someday!" clutter.

Sometimes things feel strange after a change but I always know that it means better things are on the way. Right now a more organized home for my mom is the goal. More changes to come, I'm sure!

Good night Piano...I'll miss you.
Living Peacefully in a Big City: A Guide to Maintaining Your Sanity, Health and Happiness now available at!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Friday!

As I just Twittered...I love Fridays! There is an excitement about the day...the feeling of completion at the end of a week of working hard, the anticipation of what the weekend will bring, a chance to relax your mind and body from all the weekday it!

It's been a great week with all kinds of new marketing and promotional things coming up for my book Living Peacefully in a Big City. I am so proud of this book and I actually really like it myself - hope that doesn't sound arrogant - but sometimes when I am having one of my issues during the day and I am working on my book for whatever reason, I will find advice that I had forgotten about and it helps. I guess that is the ultimate in "self-help"!

I want to take a moment to say "thank you" to my first comment ever from Anna! Anna, you made my day - you never know if anyone sees your blog or if it makes a difference in someones day and you answered that question for me - thank you!

Now I must go take the hot rollers out of my hair and meditate before I get going with my day. Looking forward with positive anticipation to another wonderful weekend of quality time with my wonderful husband!

Everyone have a great weekend (especially you, Anna)!
Now available at - Living Peacefully in a Big City: A Guide to Maintaining Your Sanity, Health and Happiness

Monday, August 10, 2009

"Shoulding" all over myself...

Happy Monday!

OK I really don't want to be on the computer body is getting that stressed out feeling it does when I've been sitting in front of this screen for too long. But so much to! And then I realized I hadn't written in here in a I felt I should be blogging, even though I don't have any deep thoughts or issues to discuss today, other than the fact I want to be outside in this beautiful weather, not indoors on a computer.

But I should be productive and doing promotional, career-oriented things...on the computer...
I should be blogging and Twittering...

Then I realized, NO - I want to be outside enjoying the summer that will turn into fall way too soon! I want to soak up the sun and get my Vitamin D for the day! I want to lie in my hammock and read my most recent novel-just-for-fun, Something Blue. And I want to spend some quality time with good friends - which I will be doing this evening.

I feel much better now...going to get off the computer and go outside because that's what I want to do and it will make me happy! And there is nothing more important than that.

Have a great day!
Now available at - Living Peacefully in a Big City: A Guide to Maintaining Your Sanity, Health and Happiness

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Technological Blips!

OK I don't know what was going on yesterday with electronic gadgets...I thought it was just me but apparently others were having technological difficulties too.

My internet connection wasn't working, my printer was jamming, the earphone on my cell phone suddenly wasn't working....I thought maybe Mercury was in retrograde, but that wasn't the case. Are there other planets out of whack right now? Is there a surge in too much information at the moment so the Universe is shutting things down so we have no choice but to turn within and spend some time in reality?

I stopped to think, "what does this mean?" It's all about connections, being connected...and I realized, "I need to take some quiet time to get reconnected with Source Energy right now" - my most important connection. Which I kept putting off because of various things that kept me busy during the day which made me more and more fatigued...but I finally sat down to meditate late in the afternoon and then, everything worked fine again. Crazy!

It's amazing the insights we will get when we stop what we are doing, quiet our minds and become open and receptive. Today I did my meditation first thing after getting up before I did anything else, and I will do another later today, just to make sure I keep the balance.

I'm off to run errands with my mom - get her hair done and then on to beautiful Forest Lawn in Glendale to visit her parents and sister (My Aunt Tanna, whom I was named after). I know it seems weird to look forward to visiting a cemetary, but if you've never explored Forest Lawn, please check them out one day - beautiful, serene, impeccably manicured grounds, incredible sculptures, museums, art...the Hall of the Crucifixion at Glendale houses an ENORMOUS painting of the Crucifixion. Regardless of your religious or spiritual beliefs, it is a magnificent piece of art that must be seen. If you've driven by on the freeway and seen the white rectangular building with a cross on top, that is the place. Really amazing.

Here's to a day off of the computer and the internet!
Have a great day!
Living Peacefully in a Big City: A Guide to Maintaining Your Sanity, Health and Happiness now available at!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Back from Nashville...on to Book Promotion!

Oh I love Nashville, specifically the town my friend AnaLee lives in, Goodlettsville. (Apparently pronounced Gullavulle by the locals) She has the most beautiful property with her two horses, two dogs and two cats. There are trees everywhere and the most amazing birds I've ever seen - so many colors! We had some good, girly time to talk about everything from food to boys (OK men, but it's really the same in girl talk, regardless of your age).

It was a wonderful trip overall - A great time was had by all at AnaLee's 50th birthday celebration! And I got my grits and Cracker Barrel! And to the dismay of my digestive system, I also had biscuits with gravy...

It's interesting that in another city, so different from Los Angeles, that there are many of the same issues we deal with, although to a lesser degree, like traffic, irate drivers (in a LOT less traffic!), money, health, relationships...there was even interest in my book for some tips on stress relief and dealing with issues in a city that I thought was already so much more peaceful. And it is, but it just demonstrates that everyone is dealing with issues everywhere, which is why I wrote the book. I'm glad it has the potential to help anyone, anywhere!

Here's to a peaceful evening, wherever you are!
Living Peacefully in a Big City - available at!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Off to Nashville!

I am so excited to be going to see my close friend, AnaLee in Nashville for her birthday this weekend! We used to work together at Capitol Records but a few years ago she left the craziness of LA and moved to a little town called Goodletsville near Nashville - so appropriate for the peaceful, open country area where she is now living. I haven't seen her in five years but whenever I go to visit, it is such a relaxing, fun experience. Sometimes all we do is hang around her house and watch HGTV, or walk her seven acres with her horses, dogs and cats, or go through her mini-forest up to her own private park at the top of her property. But mostly we just laugh. We have the best time together and it is always a rejuvenating experience for my body, mind and spirit to be with AnaLee.

I love to visit there - life is a little slower paced, the air is clean, people are kind....and they have Cracker Barrel!! I can't wait to have some grits! There goes my healthy eating this weekend...oh well, it's just one weekend.

I will return relaxed and happy and ready to continue promoting my book next week! I will be posting excerpts now and then - please refer back to my previous post to see the table of contents which will give you an overview of the topics addressed in my book, Living Peacefully in a Big City.

Have a great weekend y'all!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Living Peacefully in a Big City - Table of Contents

Happy Monday!

Today is the 40th anniversary of the first landing on the moon! What an amazing accomplishment - it should serve to remind us that NOTHING is impossible!!

I am going to be posting excerpts from my book, Living Peacefully in a Big City: A Guide to Maintaining Your Sanity, Health and Happiness here in my blog once in a while, beginning with the table of contents to give you an idea of the topics addressed. The book is now available for purchase from!

Here you go:

Driving and Traffic.....................................................16
Electronic Gadgets......................................................18
Dealing with People around You...............................22
Setting Boundaries.....................................................25
Take Regular Vacations.............................................33
Stay in the Moment.....................................................45
Good Days and Bad Days: Decide to Be Happy........47
Stuck in a Funk: When Bad Days are Beyond Bad...51
Peace of Mind.................................................................54
Growing Pains................................................................62
Take Care of Your Body...............................................84
Dreams and Sleep..........................................................91
"Feel Good" Things.......................................................93
Your Own Little World.................................................96
Random Acts of Kindness...........................................102
Gratitude and Appreciation........................................111
Goals, Affirmations and Visualization........................113
White Light....................................................................117
Something to Believe In...............................................120
Unseen Forces...............................................................127
The Law of Attraction...................................................131
Working on It: Practice, Practice, Practice!...............134
Rest, Relax and Let Go.................................................135
And in the End................................................................137
Recommended Reading................................................139
Author Bio.......................................................................145

Have a wonderful day and enjoy this amazing summer!


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Great First Day of Sales!

Wow - what a day yesterday! I was inundated with emails and Facebook messages and posts about the release of my book - what a great feeling! My greatest desire is for this book to help as many people as possible. Thank you to everyone who purchased yesterday and for the word-of-mouth promotion!

I did take a break to go see the new Harry Potter movie with my beautiful niece, Laurel, who will be leaving for England next week for the rest of the summer and then straight back up to college at UC Davis. She's going to be doing medieval studies in England...very apropos right after a Harry Potter movie. I won't see her again until Thanksgiving - I will miss her so much! My amazing nieces are like my kids - they are the only kids I'll ever "have" and I've always been very close to both of them. I had a small hand in helping raise them so I couldn't love them more if they were my own. I am so proud of both of them - they are so very different and so gifted and talented each in their own individual way. I just love my babies who aren't babies anymore!!

Now on to another beautiful summer day - and more book promotion and publicity!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Living Peacefully in a Big City Now Available at!!

I am so happy and proud to announce that my book, Living Peacefully in a Big City: A Guide to Maintaining Your Sanity, Health and Happiness is finally published and available to the public! I have been working on this book for a very long time. Essentially a guide of tips and advice that I have utilized over the years designed to deal with the daily stressors we all encounter each day living in a larger city, or anywhere, really. I took a holistic approach, addressing mind, body and spirit, from common issues such as stress, fear, anxiety, traffic, and difficult people, to taking care of your body and finally a few ethereal suggestions based in spirituality.

The book is available online at if you are interested in purchasing a copy. I am unable to post a link here, unfortunately.

I also have a favor to ask of anyone who is inclined to purchase a copy (let me first say Thank You so very much!) it would help me tremendously if, after reading or at least perusing the book, you would take a moment to write a review on Word of mouth and public opinion are major driving forces in the life of this book. Thank you I really appreciate it!

Have a peaceful day and enjoy!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Book Promotion....

Happy Monday, almost Tuesday!

So herein lies the dilemma....

The book I wrote, Living Peacefully in a Big City, is designed to assist you with advice to relieve your daily stress during these crazy times, however, one of my biggest issues is the overuse and our addiction to technology these days. How can I not use technology to get my message to you and others? It must be done, but honestly, I prefer to meet people and deal with them in person. I am not the most cyber savvy person. Oy!

How about this - as soon as you read this, turn off your computer, put down your cell phone, iPod, iPhone or iWhatever and do something REAL. Go outside and reconnect with nature for a few minutes. If outside is not an option for whatever reason, go have a conversation with someone IN PERSON...NOT on the phone, or via texting. One on one, face-to-face. Or play with your pet or your children. Or someone else's pets or children. Read a book or magazine - something you can hold in your hands, not read on a screen. Eat something delicious without distracting yourself with TV or reading or anything else. Focus on the flavors dancing in your mouth. Or sit in silence, or take a bath, maybe with a candle and don't do anything. Just breathe.
Keep this up as long as you can before you go running back to your gadgets. Do this once in a while - as often as you can handle. Stay connected to a tangible reality and to yourself.

I am now taking my own advice and turning off my computer for the day.
Good night!

Friday, July 10, 2009


I shouldn't say that - I actually love every day for it's unique happenings, but there's just an excitement about Friday, don't you think??!!

Today has been full of marketing and publicity work for the upcoming release of my book, Living Peacefully in a Big City: A Guide to Maintaining Your Sanity, Health and Happiness. Fun and exciting, but still, work!!

I took a break to have lunch with my beautiful friend Andromeda whose Pilates studio is oh so conveniently located in my neighborhood - check it out - Great place to get in shape and run by amazing women!

Doing more work before heading off to get a much needed (and deserved, if I do say so myself) massage at Spirit Dance Day Spa with the amazing Teena. She has created such a tranquil oasis and her energy is so relaxing and comforting. I highly recommend her!

Then off for a wonderful weekend with my husband - our golden time, the best time of the week!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Wow - what a couple of weeks. I was so thrown by Michael Jackson's death - I think, like a lot of people, I never realized how much his music and presence influenced my life until this news came. I cried for two days. OK, I've actually been crying for two weeks.

Whatever accusations have been made of him over the years, I always maintained that he is a good soul and had nothing but love and the best of intentions. We will never know what his life was like, what went on in his head and heart, or what did or didn't happen, but that doesn't matter anymore - it is now between him and God. He is finally at peace.

I think we all gained new insight into this man from stories told at his memorial service and the outpouring of love that has erupted around the world. I believe that some good has come from his death - an awareness of the magic, the love, the inspiration and the great gifts that Michael left us - and that those who are mourning his death are more aware of these things in general and are being perhaps a little kinder and gentler with each other now. I hope it lasts.

Having grown up and still living very close to the Jackson Encino home, I have been acutely aware of all the media and public attention. I was awakened at 6AM the morning of the memorial service by all the helicopters hovering over their nearby home. I knew when the family caravan left the neighborhood because so did the helicopters. It's nice that people wanted to come to pay their respects and be near his family home, but I'm glad that aspect is dying down. I hope and pray that all those who did pay their respects whether it was at his home in Encino, his star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, his childhood home in Indiana, at the Apollo Theater in Harlem or any of the many other places around the world where people gathered to pay tribute, that we all remember the message of love, hope and a wish to heal the world that Michael worked continually to convey to us.

With Michael in my heart, I now return to my originally scheduled life.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Beautiful day! ...with cramps

Oh such a lovely day outside today! It's been another sunny day and I've been out enjoying it, running around for work, doing a healing session and having lunch with my dear friend Marcia whom I haven't seen in almost a year!! Where does the time go?

Marcia works in the office where I used to work in for many years before I was laid off a year ago tomorrow. I was very happy there most of the time but I am so sad to hear that it is not such a happy place anymore. There used to be wonderful people running the company who actually cared about the well-being of their employees and had their priorities straight, but that was long ago. My remaining friends are hanging in, making the best of it, waiting to see what the future will bring.

I send good thoughts to all of them knowing that great things are in store for them - the worker bees who give their all and are not always compensated for their time, effort or dedication. These days they are grateful to have a job, but they would also like to be happy and appreciated in that job. Hold tight and remember...karma, my friends, karma....

I'm having dinner tonight with two other friends from twenty years back at the same company - some of the first people I worked with there. It's good to keep in touch with dear friends and know that there are some people who will always be in our lives. You know that poem...A Reason, A Season or a Lifetime....these are lifetime friends and I love them dearly.

And oh yes...cramps. Continued from yesterday's blog, I once again apologize for TMI...but it is part of my day right now. It's my excuse to curl up with a heating pad, some chocolate and give myself a little extra nurturing :)

Have a lovely evening!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Monday

As preparation for the upcoming release of my book, Living Peacefully in a Big City: A Guide to Maintaining Your Sanity, Health and Happiness, I am here to help you deal with the daily stressors of living in a big city. Even if you don’t live in a big city. Stress is stress wherever you go.

So today I had a pretty stress-free day. I just had a morning consisting of activity that I advise everyone else to make an effort to limit: too much techno-connection. I was on the computer and cell phone all morning doing business. But I did get out to run errands all afternoon and it was a beautiful day! I dragged my 81-year-old mom with me to get her out of the house too. I had wonderful interactions with everyone everywhere I went. Ann at Massage Central to stock up on supplies. Len and Smiley, the greeters at our local Ralph’s supermarket. And the drivers were pretty pleasant on the 405 and all the side streets today!

Oh believe me, there will be days when I am frustrated beyond belief with how badly people behave and I have not yet mastered the art of dealing with them without thinking “People are so stupid!!” or rude, or whatever emotion some random stranger has evoked in me. I just have to breathe and come back to the happy, peaceful place and focus on the people and things that bring me joy, because that's what I'm trying to help you do.

And now, I must retreat for some chocolate as monthly cramps have gotten the best of me…I know, TMI…sorry…

Off for a pleasant evening now - wishing you the same!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Happiness thought...

The way to Happiness: Keep your heart free from hate. Keep your mind from worry. Live simply, expect little, give much. Fill your life with love. Scatter sunshine. Forget self, think of others. Do as you would be done by. Try this for a week and you will be surprised.
- from Have A Great Day by Norman Vincent Peale

Friday, June 12, 2009

One more thought for the day...

When you're getting out of your good frame of mind for whatever reason, remember the words of Abraham Lincoln: "A man is about as happy as he makes up his mind to be."

Make up your mind to be happy!