Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Back from Nashville...on to Book Promotion!

Oh I love Nashville, specifically the town my friend AnaLee lives in, Goodlettsville. (Apparently pronounced Gullavulle by the locals) She has the most beautiful property with her two horses, two dogs and two cats. There are trees everywhere and the most amazing birds I've ever seen - so many colors! We had some good, girly time to talk about everything from food to boys (OK men, but it's really the same in girl talk, regardless of your age).

It was a wonderful trip overall - A great time was had by all at AnaLee's 50th birthday celebration! And I got my grits and Cracker Barrel! And to the dismay of my digestive system, I also had biscuits with gravy...

It's interesting that in another city, so different from Los Angeles, that there are many of the same issues we deal with, although to a lesser degree, like traffic, irate drivers (in a LOT less traffic!), money, health, relationships...there was even interest in my book for some tips on stress relief and dealing with issues in a city that I thought was already so much more peaceful. And it is, but it just demonstrates that everyone is dealing with issues everywhere, which is why I wrote the book. I'm glad it has the potential to help anyone, anywhere!

Here's to a peaceful evening, wherever you are!

Living Peacefully in a Big City - available at Amazon.com!

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