Monday, July 13, 2009

Book Promotion....

Happy Monday, almost Tuesday!

So herein lies the dilemma....

The book I wrote, Living Peacefully in a Big City, is designed to assist you with advice to relieve your daily stress during these crazy times, however, one of my biggest issues is the overuse and our addiction to technology these days. How can I not use technology to get my message to you and others? It must be done, but honestly, I prefer to meet people and deal with them in person. I am not the most cyber savvy person. Oy!

How about this - as soon as you read this, turn off your computer, put down your cell phone, iPod, iPhone or iWhatever and do something REAL. Go outside and reconnect with nature for a few minutes. If outside is not an option for whatever reason, go have a conversation with someone IN PERSON...NOT on the phone, or via texting. One on one, face-to-face. Or play with your pet or your children. Or someone else's pets or children. Read a book or magazine - something you can hold in your hands, not read on a screen. Eat something delicious without distracting yourself with TV or reading or anything else. Focus on the flavors dancing in your mouth. Or sit in silence, or take a bath, maybe with a candle and don't do anything. Just breathe.
Keep this up as long as you can before you go running back to your gadgets. Do this once in a while - as often as you can handle. Stay connected to a tangible reality and to yourself.

I am now taking my own advice and turning off my computer for the day.
Good night!

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