Thursday, July 9, 2009


Wow - what a couple of weeks. I was so thrown by Michael Jackson's death - I think, like a lot of people, I never realized how much his music and presence influenced my life until this news came. I cried for two days. OK, I've actually been crying for two weeks.

Whatever accusations have been made of him over the years, I always maintained that he is a good soul and had nothing but love and the best of intentions. We will never know what his life was like, what went on in his head and heart, or what did or didn't happen, but that doesn't matter anymore - it is now between him and God. He is finally at peace.

I think we all gained new insight into this man from stories told at his memorial service and the outpouring of love that has erupted around the world. I believe that some good has come from his death - an awareness of the magic, the love, the inspiration and the great gifts that Michael left us - and that those who are mourning his death are more aware of these things in general and are being perhaps a little kinder and gentler with each other now. I hope it lasts.

Having grown up and still living very close to the Jackson Encino home, I have been acutely aware of all the media and public attention. I was awakened at 6AM the morning of the memorial service by all the helicopters hovering over their nearby home. I knew when the family caravan left the neighborhood because so did the helicopters. It's nice that people wanted to come to pay their respects and be near his family home, but I'm glad that aspect is dying down. I hope and pray that all those who did pay their respects whether it was at his home in Encino, his star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, his childhood home in Indiana, at the Apollo Theater in Harlem or any of the many other places around the world where people gathered to pay tribute, that we all remember the message of love, hope and a wish to heal the world that Michael worked continually to convey to us.

With Michael in my heart, I now return to my originally scheduled life.

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