Thursday, September 10, 2009

Beach and Interviews and Anniversary, oh my!

What a week! It's been a good those three day weekends that result in a four day work week!

OK I have to say that the miracle remedy of all time is the apple cider vinegar, raw honey and cayenne pepper with hot water drink....three times a day every day over the weekend and down to once a day now but WOW - that just loosens everything up and really gets your system going! I think I'll keep it on as a regular part of my daily routine.

Mom is better this week and has been in a surprisingly good mood lately - yay! We had a busy day yesterday of doctor's appointments, filling out paperwork and prescriptions but it got her out and about!

My best friend Marlene is in between jobs right now (an intentional break to travel the world and explore her options, all positive with nothing but great expectations for a fabulous new job in the near future!) so we decided to have a beach day like we did back in high school. I have not done this for at least ten years...I can't even remember the last time. So we went to the beach near Zuma that we have been going to since the 80's and just enjoyed the beautiful day of sun, sand and dolphins swimming by! It was also nice as a recuperative time for me to relax and soak in more that heat!

I had another great interview that aired this morning on B101.5 in Washington DC on the Chris & Dee Morning show. I got up at 5:00am to hear it but I must have missed it...I gave up at 5:25 and went back to bed and had a dream about finding two adorable little puppies sitting on my father's grave (he was cremated and scattered in different places so he doesn't actually have one) and it tore my heart out so I took them home. Some woman was berating me for not going to the pound to get puppies and I wore myself out trying to explain to her there is no difference - they were homeless and would have ended up in the shelter anyway so just cutting out the middleman...but she was persistent and really wearing on my nerves. Very tiring and weird. But oh, I was so in love with those little puppies! I was trying to name them when I woke up.

And today is my anniversary with my husband! Well, one of them -we have so many it can be very confusing....we met 20 years ago at work so we've been friends that long...I fell in love with him 13 years ago...we were finally together 12 years ago...broke up for three years and got back together on this day five years ago....we got married in May of we have a cumulative eight years together and we still celebrate this day that we reunited as an important anniversary. Going to dinner tonight where we got married and then off to Palm Springs this weekend for our annual anniversary trip. We are sickeningly sentimental and romantic and I love it! He is so perfect for me - the man of my dreams, the mate of my soul, the wind beneath my wings, my biggest cheerleader and supporter...ahhh I just love him!

Tomorrow I get to spend the day with my beautiful niece and surrogate daughter, Laurel before she goes back to college at UC Davis. I am so proud of her! We will have our usual lunch at Red Lobster with cheddar bay biscuits...yum!

Oh and the sugar update for the week...I did have a treat on Monday when my monthly visitor came early with cramps...I sent my husband out for my favorite So Delicious cookie dough coconut milk ice cream and my favorite gluten free vanilla cupcakes from Whole Foods...YUM! But that was it - after that I had no more desire for sugar and I feel great! So looks like it will be one day a month for a sugar splurge. That EFT is amazing stuff!

Off for my busy day until my romantic anniversary dinner tonight! Have a great weekend!
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