Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mahalo Nui Loa!

What an amazing weekend with Dr. Wayne Dyer in Maui! I have so much to share from all the wisdom and inspiration I absorbed!

The weekend started on Friday night with a short, welcome session with Dr. Dyer who was working through the flu...our hearts went out to him. But he kept on, seeing himself well and finishing the weekend full of love and energy. He was off to a good start.

There were about 450 of us there - a crowd of mostly over-40ish, into their 50's and beyond and all eager to begin this wonderful experience together. Dr. Dyer began the evening by informing us that "life is a sexually transmitted disease"....he can be pretty damn funny! He talked about the journey from ambition to meaning and about the obstacles and excuses we use to keep us from getting where we want to be in life.

He talked about the Tao - his main source of inspiration - and advised us to "let yourself be done - let the Tao live through you. You do nothing in and of yourself", giving us the task of measuring our fingernails tonight and then tomorrow morning and asking what action we had to take to make them grow. None. It is the Tao - it is God - it is Life that does the work. We can get so much more done when we learn to do less.

Everything we need for this physical journey is handled for us by a higher source, as demonstrated by the first nine months of our physical existence. Everything we need to fulfill our dharma is provided by Source - just allow it to live you. I love that idea.

He talked of ambition and how the ego is Edging God Out. This false self is the source of all of our problems. He urged us to "become independent of the good opinion of other people and detach yourself from outcome - just allow yourself to be. Do what you feel because those that matter don't mind and those that mind don't matter" I love that one!

Ram Das came to speak to us on Saturday - what an honor! He told us to "love everyone" and to repeat to ourselves, "I am loving awareness". We have love, compassion, peace and joy in each muscle. Find peace within and radiate out.

Then Dr. Dyer gave us all the "sugar talk"...dum, Dum, DUM!! We all eat way too much sugar and to demonstrate the principles in his recent book, Excuses Begone! , he cut his daily sugar portion down to 25mg or less and consequently dropped 23 pounds in 29 days! I think this really inspired the room - there were many commitments made by Sunday to drastically reduce sugar intake in the future. Perhaps some will come back to next year's seminar with smaller waists. This registered with me - I tapped to reduce my sugar cravings recently but they are still there, especially this time of the explanation necessary there, I'm sure. But since that talk, I have had very little sugar craving. And today is the day I would have gone to the store for a jar of Nutella or to See's candy for a few Bordeauxs. desire!

I spoke to many other people attending the seminar and found many energy healers who, like myself, were sending healing energy to Dr. Dyer throughout the weekend to help him recover more quickly from his ailments. He seemed to feel better and have more energy by the close of this event Sunday evening.

I could go on and on with all the amazing information and notes I took but the overall message was to find your passion, align yourself with source energy, love yourself and others, get rid of your excuses, be of service to others, see yourself where you want to be in life and believe that you are already there - "assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled!"

I hope this brief glimpse into the weekend gave you a few ideas to ponder. I could never fully express in a blog the impact of this experience.. If you are a fan of Wayne Dyer, I encourage you to check out his books, CDs, movie, "The Shift", talks and even consider attending this weekend seminar, if it happens again next year. What an amazing man - I admire him more than words can say. God bless Wayne Dyer and also all of you!
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