Tuesday, January 19, 2010


How is your January so far? Still excited about the new year? What are you expecting for yourself in 2010? I like the idea of focusing on Abundance, especially in the beginning of the year. We have an abundance of days ahead of us to create whatever we want this year! We have an abundance of resources available to us to support us in that creative process. Right now in California we have an abundance of rain, which we really need. And even with the disaster in Haiti, there has been an abundance of love, money, people, prayers and resources pouring out to help them right now.

We focus so much on lack - "There's not enough time", "There's not enough money", "I'm not good enough" - sound familiar? There is so much abundance in this world and there are millions of people who are attracting and enjoying it. Why is that? We all have the same number of hours in the day, the same ability to access our dreams, the same potential for greatness....it all depends on how you are thinking and the energy you are sending out.

Think about how many grains of sand there are just on one beach - it's more than we could ever count! Nature supplied all of that. Think about the ocean - it is a vast, infinite source that will always be there. Even though the tide sometimes goes out, it always comes back. When you watch the waves of the ocean, do you ever worry that the tide will not return? Of course not - you know that it always comes back, often greater than it was before. Nature created and maintains that as well. Why wouldn't nature supply your needs just as abundantly?

I know you may be thinking, "Well grains of sand and ocean water are not going to pay my bills!" Here is where I invite you to make a shift in your thinking. Money is just energy. In history, many other forms of currency have been used in exchange for services or necessary items. Cacao beans (chocolate!) were once very valuable and used as money. Animals and produce have been exchanged to obtain goods. The form of currency we now use may evolve into something different in the future. It is all an exchange of energy. What kind of energy are you putting out there?

Regardless of your financial situation, be generous and give to others - not just money, but give of your time and your talents so that abundant energy will not become stagnant and stop flowing to you. Like the tide, it flows in and out - and it will always come back. The more you give, the more you receive. I know it can be hard but think of it this way: If you keep your fist closed tight on the quarter you have, you cannot receive the dollar that is trying to come to you. You must open up your hand to give and then to receive. It must continue to circulate in your experience. Remember: the tide always always comes back - that is nature!

Sometimes we have subconscious blocks to receiving abundance. How are you at receiving in general? How do you react when someone gives you a compliment? Do you graciously accept it or do you reject, negate or invalidate it? You are rejecting a form of abundance trying to come to you. When someone gives you a gift, offers to pay for your lunch or wants to do something nice for you, how do you react? These are all forms of abundance and you must open your arms and gratefully accept them! Think of how you feel when you want to give to someone and they argue and tell you that "you shouldn't have". It doesn't feel good, does it? Does it make your energy contract and make you feel uncomfortable and unappreciated? Maybe even a little mad? How would you feel about giving to that person in the future? Probably not too eater because you may get the same argument and rejection. Now, if you give someone a compliment, a gift or do them a favor and they graciously accept and react with great happiness, gratitude and appreciation, how does that make you feel? Pretty great, right? Will you want to give to that person again in the future? Absolutely! You will most likely be inclined to give even more to them in the future because you know they will really appreciate it. This is how the Universe works. If you continually reject, argue or negate the gifts that come to you, regardless of the avenue, you are sending out a silent message that says, "I don't want you to give to me. It makes me uncomfortable." And the Universe will stop. But it is always on the sidelines saying, "I'm still here - let me know if you change your mind because I have so much in store for you! Just say the word and I will open the floodgates and pour abundance into your life like you have never seen!"

How do you want to live? What do you want to experience? Can you conceive of receiving more? My simple advice is to graciously accept ANYTHING that comes to you - a penny on the ground (eventually you will graduate to quarters!), a free meal, a kind word from a stranger or a friend - see these as little reminders that the Universe is there, waiting to give to you through the many channels on this earth. No matter what it is or where it comes from, just say, "Thank you! I accept!"

It is my great joy to be of service and give of myself to you. My desire is that you receive some value in the ideas I feel inspired to share with you. So I may be of greater service, please email any questions, concerns or problems to www.livingpeacefullynow@hotmail.com and I will choose one to feature in this blog on a weekly basis very soon.

Have an abundantly wonderful day!
Lots of love and joy to you!

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