Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Empowered Women!

Have you ever felt spiritually energized yet tired from doing something you love? I was so tired on Sunday but my heart was happy and full. I had the most amazing day on Saturday at the Millionaire Entrepreneur Women's Conference, created by Debbie Allen (http://www.debbieallen.com/) and Jill Lublin (http://www.jilllublin.com/). It was a long day but it was full of amazing speakers and lots of networking with incredible women from all over the the world with all kinds of talent and gifts to share.

The highlight of the day for me was hearing Barbara DeAngelis speak. She is an amazing, empowered woman, reminding other women that we are all goddesses on this earth and our energy is essential in the shift that is happening on the planet. I have been reading her books and listening to her tapes and CDs for over twenty years. She is mentioned several times in my book so it was a thrill to meet her and give her a copy. I also had to thank her for giving me some of the tools that brought my husband into my life! I actually signed up to do some group coaching with her - an opportunity I could not pass up!

What an amazing few months - I have been so fortunate to meet two of my spiritual rock stars, first Wayne Dyer and now Barbara DeAngelis!

After the seminar I drove home, blissfully exhausted with the energy of a very estrogen-empowered day! I've always had a strong bond with my girlfriends and I've always loved to be around women. I think God was giving me a preview of my life purpose when He landed me in a private girls' high school. I was so happy to be among only girls - no boys around to make me feel ugly or stupid or inadequate. I made a lot of great friends in high school, many of whom are still in my life today.

There is something about women that is so empowering and nurturing. I'm not sure if it's our ability to create life and the natural tendency to care for others or just a built-in emotional and spiritual mechanism that always brings love and compassion to the forefront of our interactions.

I have always made a point of putting my girlfriends ahead of any guy. (Well, my husband is sometimes the exception now, but he understands and encourages time with my girls, knowing how important my time with them is) This has always been my reasoning for putting girlfriends first: If you never marry, then these are probably the most important relationships in your life. If you do get married and have kids, you grow older, your husband dies and the kids move away.....so who are you left with? Yes indeed - your girlfriends! Watch "The Golden Girls" and you'll get it.

I cherish each and every one of my ladies and I like to collect them like precious gems - each one is beautiful and brilliant, shining in her own unique way. I love to surround myself with uplifting, inspiring women who want other women to feel the same way. What a wonderful circle!

I encourage you ladies to always treasure your female friendships and nurture them - when there is no man in your life and especially when there is. Do not ever sacrifice a girlfriend for a guy. Gather friends like beautiful flowers so that throughout your life your bouquet will grow fuller and more beautiful as time goes on, and your life will smell so sweet!

Lots of love and joy to you and empowered women everywhere!

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