Friday, March 5, 2010


Happy March!

Wow - it's almost spring! It's been a beautiful week and I think I feel the beginning of Spring Fever!

My birthday was this past week and as has been the tradition for the past few years, my wonderful husband took me to Las Vegas, my favorite place (besides Disneyland) to spend my birthday!

Birthdays are interesting...some people (like me) love to have one day a year that celebrates them and to be inundated with messages of love and good wishes. My lovely husband always goes out of his way to make my birthday a special and memorable occasion. Others don't want to acknowledge the day at all, for whatever reason. Then there are those who want the special day and the celebration but feel are shy about wanting it and don't know how to express that desire so they simply act as though they don't care and don't want any attention. Often if their request is honored and friends quietly let the day pass, they feel slighted and upset. This is too high-maintenance for me. Tell me what you want. If you say you don't want attention, I won't spend time psychoanalyzing your request; I will leave you alone.

I try to honor every one's birthday in whatever way they genuinely want or do not want. I used to be in charge of the birthday celebrations in the office where I used to work and at one point I was keeping track of over 120 birthdays a year. With one monthly celebration, trying to satisfy specific cake requests for multiple people, decorate cubicles and offices and make everyone happy and feel special according to their birthday requirements of - lots of celebration/limited celebration/NO celebration - it got a bit exhausting. I personally love birthdays and I want everyone to feel special on their birthday and I do my best. It's the one day a year that it's all about YOU! The one day you are flooded with good thoughts and warm wishes of love and appreciation that, if you don't accept them now, will most likely only later be expressed at your funeral. Sorry to be morbid, but it's true. Wouldn't you rather receive all that love and attention while you're here to enjoy it?

Whether we admit it or not, we all love the feeling of knowing we are loved and that our life matters, that our existence makes a positive difference in the lives of those around us. Our birthday is usually the day we are reminded of this. It really is a special day - it is when you first graced this planet with your presence!

However you enjoy celebrating (or not) your birthday, appreciate the gift of life that you have been given and get excited about another fabulous year ahead that you have the power to create however you want! There are infinite possibilities in the next 364 days - who knows what your life will look like on your next birthday...make it a great year so you will have even more to celebrate next year!

If you're having a birthday, a very Happy Birthday to you from me and the Beatles!!

and if not, a Very Merry Unbirthday - you!

Lots of love!
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