Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's OK To Receive...and Take Care of Yourself!

Wow, I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas! And like most people, I’m sure you’re running around trying to buy all the gifts you have on your list for others. As adults we usually don’t let ourselves get excited about what we might receive. It’s OK to revert back to the little kid anticipating what Santa will bring from your list. I myself haven’t thought much about it in the past few years until this year, for several reasons, I’m allowing myself to focus on that wonderful eager feeling of receiving and what Christmas morning will bring.

My husband is the best gift-giver ever and spoils me rotten on every occasion, especially at Christmas. This year I guess I didn’t make any references to anything I wanted so he had no clue what to get me. He finally had to resort to asking, but I couldn’t think of anything I wanted or needed. I didn’t want him to buy something just to buy something. I do not like - nor do I need - more “stuff” – things that are not consumable and/or have no useful purpose and just take up space. But then I thought of one item that I had been meaning to buy myself for months. He was so excited to have a gift idea! Then I found myself having that same feeling as when I was little – that excitement of knowing my much-wanted gift might be under the tree on Christmas morning. I realized that this feeling is not only OK but a normal, necessary part of living a postive, expectant life all year round.

And as best you can this time of year, make time for yourself whenever you can squeeze it in. We’re so busy getting things done that often we don’t make time to stop and enjoy the season.

Here are a few simple things you can do to keep your balance during the holidays:
* Don’t book yourself solid. It’s OK to say no – only accept invitations that you really want to say “yes” to.
* If you enjoy being booked solid then stop every once in a while to just take a deep breath and acknowledge what’s going on around you at that moment.
* Ask for help if you need it. Delegate some of the shopping, wrapping, baking or errands you need to do.
* Don’t eat too much crap. Follow the 80/20 rule – if 80% of what you eat is balanced and healthy, you can splurge the other 20% of the time and still feel good and maintain your health and weight.

So my message to you is, get excited about the magic of this holiday for whatever reason – seeing friends, family, going to parties, all the yummy food you’ll be eating or anticipating that special gift you’ve asked for, and do what you can to maintain your balance throughout the holiday.

Whatever you do, enjoy yourself!
With love,

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