Friday, July 22, 2011

Get a Grip!

…On your emotions, that is. You know when water comes gushing out of a garden hose at such force that it just goes flying in all directions uncontrollably? This is what happens to us when we don’t get a grip on ourselves and we let our random emotions take over and whip us all over the place.
Remember the Water Wiggle? That was great fun in the summer and we loved trying to avoid the hose as it flailed all over the place, spraying water everywhere.

Let's have a retro moment, shall we? (and for those of you too young to remember...)

We are just the same. We often go through our day without thinking about taking conscious control over our emotions. We let the mood we wake up in set the tone for the day. To this I say, “Get a grip!”

When you get a grip on how you feel, you are able to direct your emotional energy, and you will feel much more in control of your daily experience. Your Life Force is like a strong stream of water and the hose is you. When you literally get a grip on yourself, you can then direct the flow of energy coming through you to more positive emotions, people and experiences, instead of letting it fly all over the place, causing havoc.

This is where we tend to get off track and not fully understand the power we possess to create our own experience. If you get up each morning without consciously deciding where you want to direct your energy – toward feeling good, preferably – then most likely, any event that occurs is going to determine the course of your day. If something good happens, you feel good, but if something “bad” happens, you feel bad. (And please understand that “good or bad” are relative – it’s all about your perspective)

The minute you wake up, find something to be grateful for – the comfortable bed you slept in, the nice sheets, blankets and soft pillow, the home you’re living in, the food waiting for you in the kitchen….there are a million little things that we take for granted every day. We have so much to be grateful for – get used to finding at least one thing every morning to start you day out with a firm grip on your emotions, pointing your stream in a positive direction.

When you have already decided that this is a great day and everything is going your way, any minor occurrence that would normally throw you off track will have little to no effect on how you feel.

You can begin this practice at any time – do it right now for the rest of your day and tomorrow, get a grip first thing in the morning.

As you make a habit of this, you’ll find your days going more smoothly, great things coming your way and everything falling into place much more easily. Just like the garden hose that’s stream is directed at the beautiful flowers to help them grow instead of the weeds. Direct your flow to the good emotions, not the negative ones. When you realize the power you have to set the tone of your day and control the flow of your emotional stream, you will feel the empowerment that comes with getting a grip.
(Excerpt from the upcoming Living Peacefully 30 Day Program)

Have a great day...decide to make it so!
Lots of love,

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