Thursday, September 8, 2011

Got Divine Guidance?

Not all of us are as fortunate as George Bailey from It's a Wonderful Life to have a guardian angel or spirit guide physically show up to enlighten us about our lives.

But rest assured, you have an abundance of guidance available to you all the time…we all do...but most of the time we miss it. We either aren’t aware of it, we’re not seeing it, we can't hear it or we get it and don’t recognize it.

I’m sure there have been times when you felt an inner nudge, or saw or heard something that seemed to resonate with you and provide some information or answer that you needed. But if you’re not used to receiving guidance, you’ll be going through life without this rudder that can help you easily and effortlessly navigate your way through life.

If you make an intention to be aware and on the lookout for guidance, your life will change in amazing, miraculous ways. It makes all the difference when you know you have divine support at all times to help you every step of the way on your earthly journey. Now the real work is learning to recognize, understand and follow the guidance. So you do you know when you’re receiving guidance? Easy – ALL THE TIME! You just  have to let go of expectations and limitations you might place on how messages and information show up for you. Let me give you some examples and I bet you will have past experiences with at least one.

Guidance often comes in dreams - your consciousness is more receptive, and it’s easier for spirit guides, angels and loved ones to communicate with you. Messages can also come as feelings, an inner knowing or an idea that suddenly pops into your head. You might see a license plate that speaks to you. Or a billboard, songs on the radio, overheard conversations, publication headlines, something on TV or in a movie….the possibilities (and the messages) are endless.

The problem is that most of the time we can't hear the guidance because of our mind chatter. The way we overcome the chatter is to make time during your day to stop and get quiet and just listen. Regular quiet time allows the voices, feelings and ideas to come to the forefront so you see, hear or feel them. You create the space to receive information.
During this quiet time, you can also ask questions or voice any problems you need help resolving.

When you feel you have received information, don’t doubt it! If you think you’re just talking to yourself, maybe you are. Does it really matter? As long as you are receiving some kind of guidance, don’t question where it came from, just follow it and take action.

Now, this is the most powerful thing you can do in your life – take inspired action. When you spin your wheels taking all kinds of desperate, ego-based action, trying to make things happen from a place of fear or trying to force things, you won’t get very far. And even if you do, you’ll be exhausted and not very happy on a soul level. Inspired action takes a lot less effort because things just begin happening easily for you. The right people and opportunities will be drawn to you at the perfect time in ways you never could have imagined. When you live your life this way and look back at the series of serendipitous events, you will see how things happen in ways you never even thought of. This is when you really begin to understand the awesome power of the Universe to direct your life.

When you get into the habit of receiving guidance in the silence, you’ll find you receive it (or simply recognize it) much more often. You can live your life being divinely guided all day every day - many people do.

One of my favorite teachers, Sonia Choquette, lives this way and teaches others to do the same. If you’d like to learn more about connecting with your spirit guides, please check out Sonia at She has excellent programs to help you connect with spirit guides, angels, and loved ones. Why not learn how to make your life an effortless adventure with the many unseen guides just waiting around to help you?

I cannot tell you how much this has changed my life – I see and feel messages everywhere, all the time. I feel loved and supported in everything I do, living an inspired life with integrity and joy. When I trust and follow this guidance, things always work out for my highest good, often in ways that leave me amazed at the process.

Try it – get quiet, get clear and open yourself up to receive all the guidance available to help you live the life of your dreams. Be on the lookout for messages that speak to you. Practice staying alert and aware. Make it a habit and watch your life transform in miraculous ways.

You may not have an angel just like Clarence, but you have many of your own guides, angels and loved ones just waiting eagerly and lovingly to help you along your earthly journey. Go help someone earn their wings :)

Much love,
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