Thursday, February 2, 2012

How's It Going So Far?

We’re into the second month of the New Year – all of the festivities of the holiday and the anticipatory excitement of the beginning of a new year are behind us…how are you feeling?

If you’re still charged up and feeling great about the infinite possibilities for this year and forging ahead with confidence, that’s great! However, often we feel a bit “blah” at this point. Maybe you’re not as excited about your resolutions as you were on January 1st and have let them slide a bit. Maybe you got caught up in your everyday routine and went back to feeling a little numb and not expecting anything to change. Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed with the goals you set for this year and have gone into inertia. It's all OK. For those of you who are feeling stuck and frustrated, here is what I want you to do:


Let go. Relax about it all. Be easy on yourself. Be kind to yourself. The more you stress, worry, doubt or are fearful and anxious about what you feel you “should” be doing or have done by now will only work against you. As much as it seems that stepping back and doing nothing are counter-productive, believe me, if you allow yourself to relax, new ideas, inspiration and motivation will come to you.

Allow yourself to play in the energy of what you are working toward as if it is already here, while appreciating all that is right and wonderful in this present moment. Spend some quiet time every day with your eyes closed and imagining how it would feel to have your dream become reality. Simply enjoy the feeling and then embody that emotion as much as you can throughout your day. Have fun with this – enjoy the process.

Try this just for fun – don’t take it too seriously, but make a point every day of letting go and relaxing, even if just for a minute. Then let’s see where you are a month from now – you may be surprised!

Breathe and enjoy!

Much Love,

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