Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What is an Infinite Woman?

That’s what I asked myself back in December when I was relaxing in the steam room at Burke Williams and as I mindlessly pondered the image of an infinity symbol, these words came into my mind, loud and clear:

That sounded fascinating to me and I thought, “Ooooooh, what’s that?” Then I heard, “MEDITATIVE MOVEMENT” and again I thought, “Wow – what’s that?”

And then came, “YOU HAVE TO CREATE IT”. So I thought, “Yes, I will!”

I have great respect for inspired ideas, especially when they are so clearly given. I knew that I had just been given a gift…but also a puzzle. I had to figure out what this is and how it wants to be expressed in the world. After sharing this bit of inspiration with a few close friends, they were fascinated and interested in the concept and urged me to get on this and make it happen quickly since it was something unusual that was not out there anywhere that we knew of. I added the tagline, “the possibilities are endless…” because that was how I felt about this new venture and I wanted to share that sentiment with anyone who decided to come along for the ride.

So I had my husband and a designer friend create the logo. (Isn’t it beautiful?) We had t-shirts made. I created a website. I sat in meditation to receive guidance about what this Meditative Movement thing was. I collaborated with two close friends on developing the routine, both Pilates instructors, one also a chiropractor, the other also an S Factor instructor. (Thank you Andromeda and Maureen!) Andromeda also happens to own a Pilates studio two minutes from my house and she agreed to let me rent a space there to hold classes. We were off and running!

I actually love the routine and I love teaching the classes, yet I knew that Infinite Woman was so much more than just a weekly class. I felt it was meant to be a support community for women to uplift, inspire and empower each other. The class gave women a place and time to reserve for themselves to relax and empty their minds, enjoy moving their bodies and to play in the energy of their goals and dreams in a safe, comfortable atmosphere where no one was on display and no one was judging. But still I knew there must be more…

I wanted to reach more women, to help them connect and to be there to help and guide them on their path in any way I could. Again, I had to get quiet and listen for the guidance. I then felt a strong pull to do a monthly teleclass. This way, anyone, anywhere can participate. Soon I will be creating a group page on Facebook. Programs for helping women attract their perfect partners, understand energy and manifestation and creating their perfect bodies are in the creation stage. The inspiration is coming faster than I can create!

As I have been developing this divine entity known as “Infinite Woman”, I have found myself being transformed by the experience. My life is changing. My body is changing. My business is changing. My relationships are changing – all for the better. This is an incredible journey I am on - I don’t know exactly where it will take me, but I hope that women everywhere will join me.

So to answer the question above, let me share what came to me in meditation as the copy for the website:

What is an Infinite Woman?

* She is a woman who believes she can do anything.

* She is comfortable in her body, confident in her mind and content in her spirit.

* She knows that she has the support of a feminine community and also that of

a benevolent Universal energy that is conspiring on her behalf.

* She is a woman who craves and knows that she deserves time for herself.

* She knows that for her, the possibilities are endless…

Ladies, I invite you to come play in the Infinite Energy with us, whether in person or online because there is nothing like understanding the energetic principles of the Universe and knowing you have a powerful, feminine community behind you, cheering you on toward the realization of your dreams.

If you’d like to join us or learn more about classes and upcoming events, please check out www.infinitewoman.com.

Wishing you a divinely blessed, infinitely abundant day!
Much love,


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