Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Just Do It!

I have been wanting to do free informational videos as part of my coaching business for a while but I kept putting it off for one reason or another...then one day recently I just got a bug up my butt to record one and post it. Well, I went crazy that day taking inspired action - I set up my channel on Youtube.com, uploaded my video, posted the link on my Facebook business page and sent the link to my list in a special email announcing my new feature, "Feel Good Friday!". I was very happy with it and although I knew there was a lot of room for improvement, I felt a sense of accomplishment for just getting it done.

I don't know why I hesitated for so long...well, actually, yes I do - it's a little intimidating to put yourself out there in a way where you are sharing your knowledge, beliefs, advice, expertise and intuition - basically baring your soul for all to see. There are so many haters out there who will cut you down mercilessly (and anonymously) on the Internet without giving it a second thought, so it took me a while before I was in a good place to allow myself to be seen and heard. When I tape these messages, I am coming from a place of love and wanting to be of service, and I am having fun! So I know that whomever resonates with what I am putting out there are the ones who will find me and benefit from what I have to offer.

Now I am really enjoying taping these messages! I feel like I have so much to share that I am recording messages weeks in advance while the inspiration is overflowing. And I am also noticing weird things in these videos...like how asymmetrical my face is and that I need to smile more while delivering my message. But that's just a matter of me accepting and loving myself the way I am, and knowing that I will get better over time. (I am very excited for the day when I will have a production team to take care of the filming, lighting, music, editing and the all-important hair and make-up :) But for now, it's just about the message so I do my best with what I have and what I know right now. Which is all any of us can ever do with our goals.

I will most likely be posting my videos here as a visual blog - more interesting than just reading, don't you think?

My point is this: If you have a dream or a goal that you have been putting off, take the pressure off of yourself to wait until you are perfect before you do it. Just start now and know that you will improve over time, otherwise you are depriving the world of your special gift. If you are doing your best, that's all you can ask of yourself. So heed the words of Nike: "Just Do It!"


Much love,

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